Top 5 Colors for Morena Girls

Some would say that swimsuit season has ended but for most of us, it never ends. To talk more about swimsuits, have you ever had a difficult time in choosing the right color that would match with the color of your skin? In a fashion sense, there could be no right or wrong when it comes to m atching the right color for your skin color. However, there certainly are colors which would look better on you!

As most of us are Filipinas, we take pride with our Morena skin color. People can say that lighter skin tones could pretty much wear any color under the sun while ‘Morenas’ have to find and complement the right shades of colors to flatter their complexion. At the end of the day, it’s all about having the confidence to rock whatever the style or color to match the outfit or look you want to achieve! Moreover, let us help you by giving out tips with regards to colors of swimsuits that we think would best match your Morena skin and beauty.



Helen Piece’s Swimsuits on Morena Models 

 These are some of the premium pieces of the brand, “HelenPiece” being showcased by Morena models. The White color certainly is a no-brainer choice as it would complement a darker shade of the skin. Bright colors such as Orange, Pink, Yellow, Purple are to be avoided as a general rule for Morenas, but we disagree on this one for swimsuits! These colors absolutely added a glow factor as you can see the photos for reference. What do you think? Share us your thoughts!