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Swimsuit Styling Tips

I say, swimsuits are the most versatile piece of clothing a woman can own. Yes! Fight me on this! How about giving me a bit of your time and allow me to enlighten you more about this?

So you invest on a swimsuit and you tend to think that wearing it two to three times for just a simple beach getaway just doesn’t make a lot of sense. I get it, but did you know that there are swimsuits you could actually rock as bodysuits in the streets of big cities you could imagine as well as they are to be paired with a lot of possible combos with fashion garments to suit the style you want to achieve? Worrying that your swimsuits or the swimsuits you are eyeing on buying online would be of no use anymore as the summer slowly fades away?

As one of the fastest growing swimsuit brand in the country, let us, from HelenPiece to humbly share some of our thoughts with regards to the swimsuit scene during these times.

‘Jacinta’ top from HelenPiece
How do you feel about this look? Arguably the brand’s customer’s favorite top. As seen in the photo, The ‘Jacinta’ top can easily be paired with any type of pants. How about taking this type of swimsuit from the pool to a dinner date now paired with a pair of sleek pants just like this look! For more detailed look as well as inquiries that you may have, check out our page in Instagram and don’t even hesitate in sending us a message and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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Moreover, how about rocking the ‘Jacinta’ top with a fashionable upgrade by pairing it with a bucket hat and hoop earrings? If you ask me, I’d certainly won’t deny how dashing yet elegant the overall look it has produced! Tell us what you think!


One of the most underrated swimsuits to rock are those of the nude color or shall I say, ‘skin-tone’ colors. This may be an intimidating choice of color for some since it gives an illusion of nudity. HelenPiece’s camel tone collection is sure to bring out the confidence as well as the best look in you! This type of tone in our collection is best paired with a white garment like a white polo or even white sneakers! Time to step up your fashion statements / looks and try out what we could offer!


Helenpiece’s swimsuit worn as a bodysuit

It may feel like we’re not going anywhere for a while with what’s happening outside but that does not mean there won’t be any brighter days ahead of us all. A classic one-piece will never go out of style, swimsuits are pretty well structured as they keep everything held in tight and this shows its versality when it comes to fashion. We’re proud to say that our collection’s showcased designs may be worn as evening tops during the day as well as at nighttime and most especially around the house! How about stepping up your fashion game with bikini tops and high-waisted bottoms?


Some would think that pulling swimsuits as city clothes is a complicated thing. Yes, they may be right, but you just have to test it out and most importantly know the balance to achieve the right look you are aiming for! As seen in the photo, a polka-themed one-piece as a bodysuit mixed with a pair of slacks! Probably for a night out or a dinner date? Are you digging this unconventional look? The hell I am! The look is certainly chic and glamour at the same time!


You more on the street-style? No problem! I dare you girls who are sneakerheads and on the street fashion side to try out pairing some of our swimsuit collection with your unique style! Pairing our swimsuit tops with your trackpants and streetwear merch is definitely a hot look to rock whatever the season is!